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МИБО КОНСУЛТ е интернет магазин, който предлага на клиентите си модерни, иновативни и практични решения за дома и офиса. Фокусът на селектираните продукти е върху високото качество, функционалността и възможностите, които те предоставят на съвременните семейства в забързаното им ежедневие.

International Adventure School - Educo Bulgaria

Educo Bulgaria believes that deep within each human soul lies a sense of harmony, of belonging to the world, and of responsibility toward future generations. We are convinced that the survival of humanity lies in preserving and developing these universal human values by recognizing our planet as our common home and actively respecting and caring for one another and nature. International Adventure School Educo Bulgaria was born during one of the country's most difficult years in response to the need to generate a positive model for the physical, spiritual, and personal development of our children and young people. Latin for "to draw forth", Educo draws forth self-awareness and a sense of purpose in individuals, powerful tools for developing thoughtful citizens with strong leadership qualities.
Registered as a non-governmental association in November 1995, Educo Bulgaria operates as an independent, non-religious, non-political, not-for-profit organization.

We believe that it is impossible to make a better world without ensuring the harmonious development of individuals. The goal of Educo Bulgaria is to offer challenging activities in a wild natural setting. The program is designed to enable young people to discover their innate inner resources and step beyond their perceived limits, to develop initiative, and to build creative and independent personalities.

We work as well to strengthen their physical health and to help them to understand their role and responsibilities in preserving the natural environment. We emphasize the importance of recognizing our global interdependence and interconnectedness by facilitating intensive contacts and encouraging acts of solidarity and unity among people from different nationalities, religions, and cultures. The young people are taught respect and reverence for the natural environment and are encouraged to find their own place in the world.

Our programs are designed as extended, multi-day outdoor courses. The beautiful surroundings and favourable geography of Bulgaria allow us to run courses year-round.


The Educo programs are based on the principles of experiential education. The methods and approaches used combine various technical physical elements with specialized games, discussions, etc. The technical elements implemented in the course content include: hiking, non-impact camping, rock climbing, swimming, caving, canoeing, skiing, survival training, first-aid training, orienteering, avalanche rescue training, ropes course, igloo building, snow-cave making, night hiking. The high staff to student ratio guarantees personal attention and the safety of each participant. All levels of activities implement and promote the principles of respect, unity, honesty, and consensus.

Children and adolescents are given the opportunity to participate in several kinds of courses during either the summer or the winter according to their age group, maturity, psychological, physical, social, and individual needs.

Types of courses are:

  • Standard (with open enrollment)
  • Specialized (for participants with similar health and social issues)
  • Multicultural courses
  • Teambuilding for University students, Staff of NGO's, Child Care Institutions, and Profit making corporatations

The Club Educo is performing its activities indoor and is covering the following areas:

  • Work with the participants in Educo Bulgaria's outdoor courses.
  • “Educo School for parents, educators and social workers”.
  • Training and exchange of experience.
  • Practical training in Experiential Education for university students.

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