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Team building is the process of forming an effectively working team.



Your financial support helps many children to feel loved and valued

First Financial Brokerage House (FFBH) is a leading non-banking financial institution on the Bulgarian capital market. Founded in 1991, FFBH offers the complete spectrum of investment banking services spanning corporate finance, privatisation advisory, mergers and acquisitions, financial consulting, brokerage services, research & analysis and asset management.

"Children at Risk"

International School Educo Bulgaria considers helping the children at risk develop and take the hard path of life a bounden duty. The aim is support the children to create a feeling of their personal value and to encourage the process of healthy development and social integration. Specialized programs are designed for groups of children with similar health and social problems. The programs of the courses are conformed with the children’s peculiarities and they are prepared for each course separately and represent a combinations of the technical elements from the standard courses. Depending on the common problem for the group specialists in the respective sphere take part in the preparation and implementation of the course. By the decision of these specialists later the children could participate in the standard courses.


Educo Bulgaria carry out specialized courses for:

  • Children with chronic illnesses

  • Children with low social status

  • Children living in institutions

For the organization and carrying out of the specialized courses Educo Bulgaria relies only on sponsorship, donations, and projects before financial donors.


EDUCO Bulgaria sincerely thanks all the people, who have demonstrated understanding, and unconditional support to those children. Your financial aid helped those children to feel loved and significant, to believe in the good things in life and in themselves.


Requested contribution from sponsors could be:

• Full or partial financial sponsorship of the Project;
• Full or partial financial sponsorship of some children by covering their participation costs.
• A long term contracted financial support of the “Children at Risk” program.
• Any unique way, that we would be grateful a sponsor to share with Educo.




Partners, sponsors and friends:

Annette Franke-Terbille, Germany

Prof. Dr. Arthur Chickering, USA

Dr. Peri Chickering, USA

Bulgarian Real Estate Fund

Sergey Vlaykov

Dorothea Nikolova

Plamen Ilchev

Andrey Delchev

Andryan Evtimov

First Financial Brokerage Hous




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