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Team building - Courses and Seminars

Why Team Training?

Today how to build a working team aimed at the optimum functioning level is a matter of interest to the management of plenty of organizations, institutions, companies and associations. In principle, sooner or later the right people find their common language and start collaborating. But time is precious and the teamwork training speeds up this process. However the interest in this form of training has increased, sufficient awareness of the existence and offering of these possibilities is still short in Bulgaria.

Educo Bulgaria organizes and conducts Team trainings for:

  Corporate clients and organizations;
  Members of different departments to improve their interaction;
  Speeding up the consolidation of newly formed structures.

The objectives of the Team Training are:

  To overcome challenges;
  Positive and effective communication;
  Mutual assistance and collaboration in executing common tasks;
  Effective management;
  Team work.

The training programs are developed according to the principles of experiential education. Most of the activities are carried out outdoors, in nature (Experiential Outdoor Learning). The selection of the course elements and the logic of their sequence consider the individual and group goals set in advance. The training methods and approaches are based on the combined usage of technical elements, specialized activities (games), case solving and discussions. Nature is a predispose factor the unusual environment helps people to enter and experiment in real situations. The unknown model of collaboration for achieving certain goal unites the participants. The experience acquired this way could be carried away in their everyday relations and work they have.

The participation in Team Training contributes to:

  Quickly reach a teams optimum functioning level;
  Improve the intra-team communication;
  Solve existing internal problems;
  Improve the team work.


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